Traditional shade grown coffee is grown under a canopy of trees that enhances soil quality and provides a wildlife habitat especially for birds. Up to two thirds of bird species found in an area’s natural forests can be found in shade grown coffee trees.

Ruby Harvest

Ruby Harvest coffee is shade grown with the cherries, hand picked over five rounds of harvesting. The most important part of the picking process is to select only those cherries at the peak of their ripeness as they produce beans that are smooth, mellow, with a higher aroma oil and less acid content. This is the most time and labour intensive process but one that yields the best results.

The cherry pulp is removed using pure spring water, changed every eight hours and the beans sun dried on long tables. This is a critical process affecting the quality of the green coffee - too dry, the beans become brittle, not dry enough and they will deteriorate rapidly.

After being hulled, Ruby Harvest coffee beans, as with only the very high quality coffees, are sorted by hand to ensure consistent quality. Ruby Harvest coffee is then roasted to highlight the characteristics of this signature coffee, air cooled and foil packed with a pressure release value to ensure maximum freshness.

Ruby Harvest coffee is sustainably grown on a private estate in partnership with the local people and respect of their customs and traditions. Their spiritual approach and knowledge helps to produce the very best beans.