The mountainous highlands of the Central Province in Sri Lanka produce much of the famous Ceylon tea and with its humidity, cool temperatures and rainfall, also provides an ideal climate for the production of high quality coffee.

‘Kenneth’s Crop’


We had very good rain for last year’s flowering with good follow up showers for the fruit set. However this was followed by a very mild drought resulting in a longer ripening (more than ten months) till picking could be started. The above photo of ‘Kenneth's Crop’ harvest team features James Whight’s father, namesake of the field after his visit.

Ruby Harvest coffee is grown in a deep valley among the highest mountains
of Sri Lanka. It cuts into the landscape, softly shaded by areas of rain forest and appearing surreal as the mist lifts. In the early morning this ‘other world’ of lush, green waves is broken only by the bright saris
of the plantation workers.

The Maturata Valley has a serene, mystical beauty and it is here, on fertile terraced slopes that cling to the contours of the land, the Sri Amma variety of Arabica coffee plants are cultivated to produce a taste unique to Ruby Harvest.