To bring out the best in your coffee: Use only the freshest coffee beans.

Grind coffee only as you need it.

Different methods of brewing will require different grind consistencies.

Never store your coffee in the refrigerator - it is not cold enough to stop it going stale and can absorb odors and flavours of other foods

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Do not freeze coffee unless it will not be used for a prolonged time

Coffee should be stored in a clean, dry, airtight container, in a cool, dark place.

Use only fresh, clean water to make your coffee

Preheating the machine and cups will make a huge difference to the consistency of the crema

The optimal water temperature for drip coffee is 95-98C (203 - 208F).

Never, ever reheat or boil coffee.

Use the proper ratio of coffee to water - check the directions of your coffee machine

Coffee cupping - process of tasting coffee to describe it using specific terms

Acidity - vital if you want to cut through milk. The darker the roast, the less the acidity

Aroma - the smell or fragrance of the coffee can tell you a lot about what to expect to taste (hints of fruit and spice are great!)

Balance - describes flavours which are in harmony and one doesn’t dominate others

Body - this is about describing the texture on the back of your palate eg heavy/light/vague

Flavour - an overall term to describe the attributes of the coffee and final impressio